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3.01: Introduction


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Objectives: After lesson two you will...

Know how to set up, and use the Clarius App
By the end of this module, students will be able to accurately set up the Clarius App on their devices, ensuring it's ready for use in clinical settings. Students will understand the step-by-step process for configuration of essential settings tailored for medical aesthetics applications.
Understand how to spatially arrange an ultrasound machine and patient for an exam
Identify the optimal spatial arrangement of the ultrasound machine relative to the patient and operator to ensure ergonomic efficiency and patient comfort during an examination. Describe the importance of positioning the ultrasound screen, transducer, and patient in a way that facilitates accurate and efficent imaging.
Understand what gain and depth are and know how to optimize these variables for image acquisition
Students will learn to define and optimize gain and depth in ultrasound imaging, understanding their effects on image quality for medical aesthetics. They will gain practical experience in adjusting these variables to improve diagnostic accuracy in facial aesthetic procedures.
To understand how to move a probe on the face to optimize image acquisition
By the end of this module, learners will master four techniques for maneuvering an ultrasound probe on the face to enhance image capture for aesthetic procedures.

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