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FUS 2.3 Other considerations for aesthetics use


You should also consider the space considerations of the physical environments of the clinic. Nonportable devices are based on carts with wheels, and they have a footprint comparable to many energy-based devices used in aesthetics such as various lasers. Portable devices tend to be no bigger than a smart phone.

Cost is also realistic factor that needs to be weighed for any purchase. Portable devices which utilize commonly used mobile computers such as, tablets and smart phones, tend to be significantly less of an investment then nonportable devices.

As a Medical device, you must also know your local regulations. You must only use a device which has been approved by FDA/Health Canada, or your local equivalent.

If you wish to use multiple types of probes, and nonportable device may be more efficient. This is because most nonportable devices allow multiple probes to be connected to the ultrasound simultaneously. However, for purposes of aesthetic medicine and facial ultrasonography, the only reason why multiple probes would be required is if you have multiple linear probes of various footprint sizes.

For portable probes weight can be an important consideration. Some of the portal probes can way as much as three times that used on a nonportable device. Your dexterity with the probe has a significant role in determining the ease in which you acquired images. The heavier the probe, the more challenging maneuvering it with the sensitivity required to acquire images easily.

[nonprotable device image]
[clarius probe device from sparrow md images drive]