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FUS 2.6 Other required equipment

Ultrasound Gel – Ultrasound requires a liquid interface between the skin and the probe. Air scatters ultrasound waves compromising the image you can acquire.
Tablet / Phone stand – If you use a portable device, your image will appear on a tablet or smartphone. You need a way to visualize the screen with your hands free. A stand for your smart device is needed, and it should be adjustable for you can see the screen well standing comfortably.
Tablet / Smart Phone – This Is only required if using a portable device. However, if using such a device, this is the most important factor, after the probe itself and your skill with the probe, in determining the quality of your images.
The ultrasound device itself only sends and receives ultrasound waves. It is up to the computer to generate an image from the raw data acquired. Therefore, the processing power of the computer you are using is very important.
If you use an older tablet or smartphone dating from before 2020, you will likely find that your images are more blurry, and there may even be lag time between the position of your probe and what is seen on the screen. We highly recommend purchasing a new tablet with specifications comparable to or greater than the iPad pro released in 2022. This will make your experience learning ultrasound and using this technology at the bedside much more seamless and enjoyable.

[image of US stand, gel, and ipad]

If performing ultrasound-guided injections:

We will cover this in more detail in the advanced version of this course. However, if ultrasound is being used to guide a needle under the skin in real-time, you will need equipment for a sterile technique:
Sterile ultrasound sheath
Sterile ultrasound gel
Sterile gloves