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FUS 3.1 Introduction to knobology and driving an ultrasound

  • Your success in learning and using ultrasonography at the bedside will depend on how well you can operate the technology at your disposal.
  • In this lesson we will cover the basic skills that must be learned to use an ultrasound device to acquire usable clinical images.
  • All of these basic principles will apply to any ultrasound device. However, there may be small technical differences in how various settings are accessed and applied based on your device. In this course, we will use the Clarius L15 or L20 portable ultrasound, as this is the device that, at the time this course was published that most injectors are opting to use at the bedside. If you’re using a different device, this simply means that you should refer to the instructions for your given ultrasound machine to learn how these various settings would be applied. 
  • Many nonportable machines will have physical knobs, dials, or buttons that control the settings described. Portable machines will generally have the various settings described adjusted through the use of a touchscreen tablet device.